Welcome to the exciting new section where we proudly showcase the dynamic partnership between Bonagrisol and MASAOKA Industry. Together, we are forging a path of collaboration and innovation in the African market, starting from Mozambique.

Innovation in Action

Discover the synergy

  • Unleashing the Strength of Synergy

    By joining forces, Bonagrisol and MASAOKA Industry bring together a remarkable blend of expertise, resources, and a shared commitment to excellence. Our partnership is rooted in the belief that collaboration fuels progress and propels us towards a future where sustainable agriculture thrives.

  • A Combined Vision for Empowering Farmers

    At the core of our partnership is a joint vision to empower farmers across Africa. We understand the challenges they face and the transformative potential that lies within their hands. Through our united efforts, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability for farmers in Mozambique and beyond.

  • Innovation at the Heart of our Offering

    Harnessing the power of innovation, Bonagrisol and MASAOKA Industry deliver cutting-edge small-scale agricultural machines and services that cater to the unique needs of African farmers. Our product range is meticulously designed to maximize yields, minimize environmental impact, and enable sustainable farming practices.

  • Comprehensive Support for Success

    We don’t stop at providing top-of-the-line machinery. Our partnership is committed to offering comprehensive support services that ensure farmers’ success. From training programs to technical assistance, spare parts availability to responsive after-sales support, we are here every step of the way, standing by our customers’ side.

  • Driving Positive Change Together

    Beyond our business objectives, Bonagrisol and MASAOKA Industry share a deep-rooted commitment to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. We embrace corporate social responsibility and actively participate in initiatives that promote sustainable development, environmental stewardship, and social upliftment.

We Want to Bring Joy and Smiles to the Faces of Mozambican and African Children.
— Masahiro Masaoka, President of MASAOKA Industry

We are Empowering Africa’s Future: With a brilliant partnership that ignite hope and will transform lives in Mozambique and beyond.
— Luciano Gule, COO of Bonagrisol

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey of transformation, as we reshape the agricultural landscape in Mozambique and throughout Africa. Together, Bonagrisol and MASAOKA Industry are setting new benchmarks, breaking barriers, and cultivating a future where prosperity and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Explore the depth and breadth of our partnership, witness the power of innovation in action, and discover how we are empowering farmers to thrive. Together, let us sow the seeds of progress and harvest a brighter future for African agriculture.